Fire Detection Systems

Fires are a major problem in South Africa and can be easily be started by overheating machinery and power surges and cause serious damage or destroy your business.  By investing in a fully integrated fire detection system you can save your company and employees from becoming another statistic.

Fire Detection

Fire Detection


A smoke detector is effective at alerting people in the immediate vicinity of where the smoke is detected but to save your business you need an integrated fire detection system.  The system not only alerts people throughout your building by triggering the evacuation alarm but it can also summon emergency services and direct them to the exact location of the fire; saving precious time and preventing serious damage. We can protect your business with the following options:

  • Smoke alarm and smoke detectors – can operate independently or part of an integrated fire detection system
  • Fire alarm – provides immediate alerts to any out breaks. Can also be connected to the nearest fire station to ensure an immediate and automated response
  • Gas Suppression systems – provides effective fire protection, particularity in areas where water and chemicals can cause damage such as to electrical equipment, valuable items and your company stock
  • Fire Panels(picture below left) – controls and integrates all your fire detection and fire protection equipment from one location. Provides an intelligent and controlled response to all fire, smoke and related problems.
  • Optical beam detection/Smoke detection beams (pictured below right) – can detect smoke in large areas. Particularity effective in underground car parks, garages and fuel depots as it can differentiate smoke from exhaust fumes and other chemicals
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors and alarms – CO is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas. Our detectors can stops your employees from being silently poisoned
  • Evacuation system – integrates your Fire Detection and PA systems to ensure faster evacuation of your building

Intellisec is registered and fully certified by the SAQCC (The South African Qualification & Certification Committee for the Fire Industry) who recognise us as an authorised provider and this allows us to fully certify the fire detection systems we install, allowing our clients to obtain discounted business insurance premiums.

Finally, we also only use safety and emergency equipment which conform to the SANS 10139 standard and has proven to be stable and reliable in the most demanding of environments. This has led us to become a trusted fire detection system installer for a wide range of organisations from factories and hospitals to shopping centres and airports.

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