Fire Detection Systems

Fires have become a major problem in South Africa and can easily be started by overheating machinery and power surges. They spread faster than most people realise and can cause everything from loss of life to the complete destruction of a business. By investing in a integrated fire detection system you can save your company and employees from becoming another statistic.

Fire Detection

Fire Detection


Conventional and Addressable Fire Detection

Smoke detectors are very effective tool and can alert people in the immediate vicinity of where smoke is detected. However if you want save your business from serious damage you need an integrated fire detection system. The system not only alerts people throughout your building by triggering the fire alarm but it can also summon emergency services. There are two types of systems available – addressable and conventional.

Addressable systems monitor the specific location of each device (eg smoke detector, call point or sounder). It means in the event of a fire or other emergency you know exactly where the problem is. This saves precious time and helps the emergency services prevent the loss of life and serious damage. Conventional systems can only determine the problem is in a general area and thus are more suited for small sites.

Components of a Fire Detection System

A fire detection system consists of some or all of the following options and we can create a customised solution based on your specific requirements:

  • Smoke alarm and smoke detectors – can operate independently or part of an integrated fire detection system. We offer a wide variety which include optical, dual optical and photoelectric smoke detectors. Advanced detectors like the Avenar range from Bosch can detect both smoke and temperature increases. We do not recommend battery operated, wireless smoke detectors are they are not compliant with SAQCC regulations.
  • Call points – manually operated buttons (see image above left). Used to trigger the fire alarm
  • Fire alarm / fire sounders / sirens – provides an immediate alert to any out breaks.
  • Fire Panels (pictured below left) – controls and integrates all your fire detection and fire protection equipment from one location.
  • Optical beam detection/ Smoke detection beams (pictured below right) – can detect smoke in large areas. It can differentiate smoke from exhaust fumes and other chemicals. Recommended for underground car parks, garages and chemical and petrochemical facilities.
  • Automatic fire curtains – Seals off an area to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading into other areas.
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors and alarms – CO is a poisonous gas that is completely colourless, tasteless and odourless. Our detectors can save the life of your employees and customers
  • Gas Suppression systems – quickly extinguishes all types of fire. Used in areas where water and chemicals would likely cause damage. Recommended for offices, server rooms and art installations.
  • Evacuation system – integrates your Fire Detection and PA systems to ensure faster, more efficient evacuation of your building

Legal Compliance

At IntelliSEC we also only use safety and emergency equipment from leading manufacturers like Technoswitch, Ziton, Bosch and Fire Beam. These systems conform to the SANS 10139 standard and have proven to be stable and reliable in the most demanding of environments. All our fire detection technicians are registered and fully certified by both the PSIRA and the SAQCC Fire. These associations have recognised us as an authorised designer, installer and servicer of fire detection systems. This allows us to fully certify the systems, enabling our clients to obtain discounted business insurance premiums.

Fire Detection System Servicing

Please be aware that in accordance with South African regulations SANS 10139:2012 your fire detection system must be serviced every 6 months. This is a legal requirement and it must be recorded in a log book and signed off by a certified fire technician. Failure to comply can result in your insurance company refusing to settle a claim after a fire incident.

Irrespective of your situation, we can provide you with a wide range of options at a competitive price. This has led us to become a trusted fire detection system installer for a wide range of organisations from factories and hospitals to shopping centres and airports. We can support you all over South Africa from our branches in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Richards Bay.

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