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Unsurprisingly, erectile dysfunction tends to not pop up regularly in conversation. After all, impotence can strike at the heart of even the strongest viagra results photos relationship. It's understandable there's a reticence to go on record and talk about personal experiences. Yet it's more common than we think. More than half of men aged 40-70 have experienced Erectile Dysfunction, a vast percentage of which will turn to that infamous blue pill. Viagra's function is well-known. But, much like ED, the average person's knowledge of how it works is limited. The studies are based on the erectile dysfunction drug medically known as Sildenafil. Shedding some light on this matter was a study conducted. It reveals what the drug medically known as Sildenafil actually does to your penis in the minutes and hours after taking. The body quickly absorbs Viagra and it's found some men with ED will notice the effects -.e. Get an erection - within 12 minutes of popping a dose. That's the good news. ED affects a lot of men 27 minutes. However, is if a man has not experienced an erection within the first 12 en it may take him up to half an hour. According to researchers, the average response time to Viagra was just 27 minutes. Be warned though, doctors advise waiting an hour to see if anything perks. (Image: Getty) 57 minutes. An hour marks a crucial point with Viagra, as after nearly 50 minutes have passed you'll reach the "maximum viagra results photos erection potential". This is when the drug reaches its highest concentration in the blood, which explains why doctors advise taking one an hour before sex. According to the study, men can have erections lasting up to 33 minutes within an hour of taking the drug. It's possible you may still be able to have sex, although the effects of the Viagra will be steadily reducing. Video Loading, video Unavailable, viagra results photos click to play Tap viagra results photos to play. It has a half-life of about four hours, which means that every four hours after taking it, the drug reduces by 50per cent. Even after 10 hours, scientists found men still could get an erection - and found it just as easy as it was two hours after dosing. It's still possible to have sex, but with the average erection lasting 16 minutes, it doesn't last long. Read More, dating, relationships, sex and break-ups, why your 'magic number' matters. Why crying after sex is normal. Best dating sites, sex and health advantages, sex when you're transgender. The best online dating first message. How often should couples have sex? The search for the G-spot, dating, relationships, sex and break-ups 24 hours. After one day the effects of Sildenafil will have worn off.


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