CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are an invaluable tool and are used for security surveillance, production management and in preventing accidents and other health & safety problems. At Intellisec we take pride in always being at the forefront of the latest technology and back in 2008 we installed the first 5MP IP camera in South Africa. Today we offer a wide range of the latest CCTV cameras and related systems which includes:

  • Comprehensive range of bullet, dome and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) network IP cameras in a variety of megapixels
  • Night Vision CCTV – infrared, low light and thermal cameras designed for night time viewing and industrial management
  • License Plate Recognition – specialist systems that integrates with your boom gates for better vehicle control. Can also be connected to the SAPS database via SNIPR which alerts you to the presence of stolen and suspicious vehicles.
  • Vehicle surveillance cameras –  allows you to both remotely monitor and record all activity on your vehicles whilst they are on the road
  • Spy / Covert / Hidden pinhole cameras
  • People Counters – calculates the number of people entered, left or passed by a certain point on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Designed specifically for Retail, Shopping Centre and Leisure industry clients.
  • Control Console – custom built control units that allows you to control all your CCTV,  access control, fire detection and public address systems from one central location
  • Video management software – software that is incorporated with your surveillance system and which independently analyses its operating environment and provides intelligent responses

Intellisec is a certified installer and integrator of the best CCTV cameras and related software products available which includes Avigilon (direct partner), Hikvision (platinum partner), Cathexis (gold partner), Axis Communications (authorised partner), Bosch, Arecont, Dahua and Milestone. We can also supply you with appropriate signage to ensure that your business is legally compliant with the PoPI act.

Whether you are looking to resolve a particular problem, maintain your existing system or want to upgrade to the latest technology; we can provide you with a wide range of customised solutions, all at a price you can afford.

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