Access Control

Access Control systems are used to control the entrance and exit of buildings and private estates.They can also be used to secure vulnerable systems (like lifts or computers) and lock down dangerous machinery for cleaning and maintenance. Using access control systems you can make your property more secure, improve staff punctuality and help reduce your operational costs. At IntelliSEC we can offer you a wide variety of access control products and related systems.

Access Control Options Available

  • RFID Card or Tag Access – Provides quick but secure access. Available for doors, gates, turnstiles, lifts and industrial machinery.
  • Biometric Access – The most secure access system. Works using fingerprint, retina scan or facial recognition
  • Time and Attendance Solutions – Improve staff attendance and reduce payroll costs with our clocking / time management systems
  • Turnstiles – controls pedestrian access and manages crowds. Wide variety available from single half height turnstiles to mantraps.
  • Vehicle Access – controls vehicle access to car parks, business parks and residential estates. Systems available include In Car Tags, Boom Gates, Barriers, Spikes, bollards and LPR / ANPR systems
  • Gatebook – Visitor management system designed for Private Estates and Business Parks
  • Intercom Systems – Secure communication and access solution for buildings, private estates and business parks. Wide variety of options available which include CCTV for extra security.
  • Control Console – custom built units which allows you to control your building or site from a central location. Can integrate your CCTV, access control, fire detection and public address systems.

Certified Access Control Installer

Intellisec is a certified installer and integrator of the world’s best access control systems. These include but are not limited to Impro (Premium Partner), Paxton (Partner), Gunnebo, Morpho from Safran (formerly known as Sagem), Virdi and ZKTeco.

We can provide you with a customised solution to meet your requirements. We also offer support all over South Africa from our branches in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Richards Bay and Port Elizabeth.

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