Access Control

Access Control systems are the most flexible of all management information systems, as they can control the entrance and exit of a building or restricted area, secure vulnerable systems like lifts or computers and lock down dangerous machines for cleaning and maintenance. In doing each of these things they can help you manage your employees more effectively, prevent accidents, reduce your operational costs and improve productivity. At Intellisec we have a wide variety of options to choose from including:

Our access control systems can also be fully integrated with your CCTV, fire detection and public address systems, onto one seamless control console which allows for improved reporting, information management and greater site management control. Intellisec is a certified installer and integrator of the world’s best access control systems which includes Paxton (partner status), Impro, Jarrison Time, Morpho from Safran (formerly known as Sagem), Gunnebo, ZK Teco, Virdi,¬†Flow Systems and Suprema.

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Access control