What is Access Control?

Access Control is a term used to describe a system that decides who can and who can’t gain entry to your property.

Its main purpose is to make your property safer through only allowing access for certain people, to certain areas and at certain times and days.

It can also improve staff punctuality, help reduce operational costs, secure vulnerable systems (like lifts or computers) and lock down hazardous machinery for cleaning and maintenance.

access control

Time and Attendance Solutions
Improve staff attendance and reduce payroll costs with our clocking/time management systems.

RFID Card & Tag Access 
Provides quick but secure keyless electronic access. Available for doors, gates, turnstiles, lifts and industrial machinery.

Vehicle Access
Controls vehicle access to car parks, business parks, and residential estates. Systems available include windscreen tags, boom gates/vehicle barriers, spikes, bollards and ANPR / LPR systems.

Visitor management system designed for private estates and business parks.

Controls pedestrian access and manages crowds. Wide varieties are available, from single half-height turnstiles to mantraps.

Biometric Access
Works using fingerprint, contactless fingerprint, retina scan, or facial recognition.

Certified Access Control Installer

Intellisec is a certified installer and integrator of top-of-the-range access control systems.
Our partners include:

We’ll give you a customised solution to meet your needs. We’re the trusted system designer and installer for a wide range of organisations in South Africa, from factories to hospitals.

Time &

& Tag access

& Boom gates