SNIPR is a web-based software application (SaaS) which uses an ANPR/LPR CCTV camera to identify suspect vehicles. It works by using the camera to automatically scan the licence plates of all vehicles. The license number is then checked against criminal databases and other databases of vehicles that have been reported stolen, missing, involved in crime or are known to belong to criminals. The whole process takes seconds to complete and staff are immediately alerted (see image below) if any suspicious vehicle is detected, giving them sufficient time to decide the best course of action.

Vehicle Access Control

Improve security at your estate or business park with vehicle access control.  An ANPR camera, also known as an LPR camera automatically scans the number plate of all vehicles that attempt to enter. If it recognises the vehicle it will automatically raise the boom gates and allow entry.


Protect your residential estate or business park from criminals and unwanted intruders by investing in an effective estate security system. We recommend the following perimeter security systems for all our property development and property management clients as they have been proven effective at preventing burglary, carjacking’s and violent invasions. We can support you no matter where you are in South Africa. We have branches in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit and Richards Bay.

Track and monitor all visitors to your business park or residential estate with a visitor management system.

How It Works
Simply scan the drivers ID and the car licence disc using the hand held scanner Once done all of the driver and car’s details are inputted into the system and their precise arrival and departure date and times are recorded. There is no need to worry about losing data if a scanner goes missing as all data is instantly saved to the cloud for quick, convenient access. For a more secure option the system can be setup so that only pre-approved visitors are permitted to enter.

Fast and Easy
Visitors quickly processed with no form filling or delays.

Accurate Data
Scanner ensures all visitor data and the entry and exit time is recorded accurately.

Secure Storage
Cloud storage removes worry of lost data and can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Instant Alerts
Guards instantly notified of banned vehicles or individuals attempting to enter.

More than 40 workflow elements to choose from to match your requirements.

Durable Scanning Device
Shock proof, water proof, long battery and IP68 rated.

Low Cost Device
No setup or installation costs and available with 60-day money back warranty.

Intercom Systems

Monitor all visitors to your estate or business park from a safe distance with one of our range of intercom systems. From entry level devices with one-to-one communication to more advanced door stations with built in CCTV and access control functionality. We supply and install intercom systems from the world’s leading manufacturers which include Paxton, Hikvision, Centurion, Aiphone and Commax.

Irrespective of the challenges you face, we can provide you with an effective estate security system to meet your particular requirements. We can support you no matter where you are in South Africa. We have branches in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit and Richards Bay.