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Confident in your business’s on-site security, site management, and monitoring?

Your business needs customisable services to suit your industry-specific risk-management  and operational needs. Intellisec is your new intelligent site management and security systems installer and integrator.

As a turnkey company, we have various solutions to reduce risk, keep control of your business operations and security, and be prepared for tomorrow, today.

SNIPR System

Stop dangerous criminals before they get out of their vehicles.

SNIPR intelligent security software automatically checks licence plates against a database of stolen or suspected vehicles—ideal for populated areas needing monitored parking areas.

Industrial Management

Want data and video to verify and monitor key manufacturing nodes in your business?

Intellisec offers a wide range of production management tools, such as sensors to monitor temperature, vibrations, presence of water, humidity, and many more. This live data is placed on a single dashboard with video imaging to give you alerts and control of your operations from any remote location.

Retail Management

Specialist products for retail shops and shopping centres.

They’re designed to gather customer data, reduce shrinkage, stop armed robberies, and improve retail management. They can integrate with your point of sale and security systems for greater efficiency.

Maintenance Contracts

The equipment we supply and install is of the highest quality.

However, factors such as the weather, on-site conditions, and general usage deteriorate all equipment, regardless of the CCTV, access control, fire detection or PA / Voice Evacuation system.

Without regular servicing, firmware upgrades, backup of credentials, and repair, your equipment won’t perform to its full potential, and eventually it’ll break down and need replacement.

For peace of mind, we suggest a Service Level Agreement (SLA) maintenance contract to keep equipment in top condition, and so your systems don’t let you down when you need them most.

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