Video Management Software

Video management software (VMS) is the latest development for CCTV surveillance cameras and has wide spread applications for use in crime prevention, retail management and industrial production. It can be integrated with most CCTV systems and works by analysing its operating environment and providing intelligent responses. These intelligent responses can be setup to address specific industry problems and can be either raised automatically (also known as black screen monitoring) or be operator directed. Examples include:

Crime Prevention – The system can be setup to automatically raise alerts to personnel or vehicles entering restricted areas, link to your licence plate recognition system and also recognise suspicious behaviour such as vandalism or speeding vehicles. It is intelligent enough to also ignore false alerts like rain, animals and trees blowing in the wind. Finally the software can also be used to find and track a specific person or vehicle.

Retail Management – The software can used to monitor shops, streets and other public areas and provide reports on how many people visited each section of the shop, what they bought and at what times. It can also monitor employee behaviour to verify accurate retail transactions and identify stock theft.

Industrial Production – The costs incurred from malfunctions, accidents and other delays can potentially be exorbitant but through continuously scanning its operational environment the system can identify potential problems, issue alerts and either prevent the problems from happening or minimise their impact.

At Intellisec we are proud to offer video management software from both third party software developers like Cathexis and Milestone as well versions from leading camera manufacturers like AvigilonHikvision, Bosch and Axis Communications.

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video management software