Vehicle Access

At IntelliSEC we can provide you variety of vehicle access control systems to secure your shopping centre, business park or residential estate. These systems allow to securely manage all vehicle access on to your estate or site and prevent unwanted visitors. They include:

  • Boom Gates / Boom Barriers – Physical barriers that can be raised or lowered to allow authorised vehicles to pass (see images right). Have proven to be very effective at managing visitors and preventing crime. Can also be integrated with road spikes, bollards and road blockers (see images below) for extra security. The systems can be operated manually, by remote, by access control or integrated with your ANPR CCTV Cameras.vehicle access
  • Vehicle Access Control – We offer a wide variety of access control systems for your resident or employee vehicles. These systems automatically raise the boom gates and lower the spikes or road blockers. They include biometric fingerprint readers, RFID tags (also know as key fobs) and windscreen tags controlled by long range readers (see images below).

vehicle access




  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR/ LPR) – Integrates your CCTV system with your access control database. It scans all license plates and automatically raises your boom gates for authorised vehicles. We can also add:
    • Facial access control cameras – provides dual verification and ensures the driver of the car is either the owner or authorised to drive it.
    • SNIPR – software application which checks the license plates against criminal databases and other databases. Alerts you to vehicles that are stolen, missing, involved in crime or known to belong to criminals.






  • Gatebook visitor management system – Enables you to gather key data on all of your visitors, to monitor their precise arrival time and departure, how often they have visited your estate or company and when. Works by simply scanning the drivers licence and car licence using the scanner. All data is instantly updated to the cloud where its stored safely and can be easily accessed by management.








We can support you no matter where you are in South Africa, as we have branches in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Richards Bay.

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