RFID Card & Tag Access


RFID card or tag access control systems are a popular and reliable entry system for all types of businesses. They are particularity popular amongst companies looking for a low cost, keyless entry system such as those in property management and hotels.

Single RFID card entry with reporting and programmed restrictions helps you manage your site effectively allowing you to:

  • Ensure quick and secure entry and exit without any delays
  • Monitor the precise time of arrival and departure of your employees, guests, suppliers and other visitors
  • Prevent unauthorised access after-hours or to restricted areas
  • Hands-free and remote-controlled options available – ideal for car drivers and workmen

At IntelliSEC we can provide you with a wide variety of RFID access control options to suit your particular needs from the world’s leading access control manufacturers. These include Impro, Gallagher, Paxton, Virdi, ZKTeco and Morpho from Safran. We can also support you no matter where you are in South Africa.

We can support you no matter where you are in South Africa. We have branches in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Richards Bay and Nelspruit.

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