Retail Management

A specialist range of retail management products for shops and shopping centres. Designed to gather key customer data, reduce shrinkage, stop armed robberies and improve overall retail management. We can support you no matter where you are in South Africa, as we have branches in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Richards Bay and Port Elizabeth.

People Counters

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People Counters are specialist dual lens CCTV cameras that have been developed specifically to calculate the number of people entered, left or passed by a certain point over a precise time period. They are an essential retail management tool as they have proven very effective at determining the following:

  • Shopper conversion rate – percentage of total visitors versus the number that make purchases and sales generated.
  • Marketing effectiveness – total footfall ie the precise number of shoppers on a given day or over a particular season. Used to determine the success of promotional activities.
  • Staff planning – precise shopper numbers enable retailers to determine how many employees are required throughput the week, resulting in greater efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Traffic flow – The movement of shoppers throughout a centre or store. Helps determine which are the most popular retailers and design effectiveness

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Inventory shrinkage is a major problem for retailers, especially supermarkets, where the losses through scan avoidance can exceed over R80,000 per store, per month. Unfortunately despite the best efforts of store managers and security guards, most theft goes undetected until a physical stock take is under taken. Now help is at hand with StopLift, which has proven itself as being the most effective scan avoidance solution.

How It Works

StopLift (see image below) integrates itself with your CCTV and retail POS system. The camera footage is analysed and compared against the items scanned and any deviations are flagged. The system is capable of identifying the full set of fraudulent behaviors which include sweethearting, products purposely misaligned with the scanner, self-checkout shrink, refund fraud, basket-based loss and operational error.









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Covert Cameras








Shrinkage is a major problem for retailers in South Africa and the losses can add up to several million rand a year per store. Unfortunately one of main causes is dishonest employees and the only way to catch them is with covert cameras.

How It Works

The cameras are known as pinhole cameras are they have a 3mm lens, which enables them to be easily hidden in everything from a smoke detector to a light fitting. We offer cameras with either a cylindrical shaped (see image above left) or L-shaped (see image above right) sensor, which helps the cameras to be more easily hidden. Despite the size of the cameras they are IP and record in 2MP high definition, which means you can clearly identify any criminal activity. The footage is saved on either a smart card or the camera can be connected to your NVR.

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Queue Detection

queue management







Waiting time is one of the biggest sources of customer dissatisfaction but this can be significantly reduced with queue detection. Queue detection is a CCTV analytical application that is built-in to cameras from some manufacturers.

How It Works

The application continuously scans the number of people queuing at the check-out. Once the number of people in the queue exceeds a predefined limit, it sends an alert to the store manager. Queue detection provides a significant competitive advantage to retailers over their rivals and has been shown to be effective at building customer loyalty.

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UR Fog

UR Fog is a crime deterrent system that has been designed specifically for retail shops and shopping centres. It has proven to be effective at stopping robberies and hold ups within seconds. Download our special flyer or watch our video to know more







How It Works

When criminals enter the shop where UR Fog is installed, the device releases a thick but harmless fog that completely fills the room in a few seconds, making it impossible for the criminals to continue their crime or even see. The device is triggered either via a panic button while the shop is occupied or via the alarm system when the shop is empty.

Key Benefits

  • Fast and Powerful   A standard one cylinder model (pictured above left) and as demonstrated in the video below – can fill a 90m2 retail shop in a matter of seconds. For larger facilities we recommend a two cylinder model (pictured above right) which can fill an 1800 m2 warehouse in just 60 seconds
  • Densest fog machine in the world – Thanks to an innovative fluid formula which is 80% glycol and its proprietary shooting technology, it can create a dense fog which is totally impenetrable
  • Completely safe and harmless – The UR Fog fluid has been tested and certified as being completely safe and harmless according to European Union. It is not just safe for people and animals but it also won’t damage your stock, premises and leaves no residuals.
  • Manufactured to the highest of standards – All models are made to the highest of standards and operates using a patented double cylinder system which never needs to be recharged and uses 100% of liquid in the cylinders without any waste. Finally, it comes with a 10-year warranty on the shooting mechanism, which has proven to be more reliable than other standard technologies.
  • Easy to use –  Operates using pressure control to monitor the contents of the cylinders which enables it to automatically switch from the first cylinder to the second cylinder. The system is equipped with a serial port for monitoring problems and you can also manage failure messages and empty cylinder messages remotely.
  • Integrates with your alarm system – Comes with a unique serial bus that allows you to easily interface it with most alarm systems. Ensuring that it protects your premises even when no one is present.

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