Night Vision & Thermal CCTV

Criminals love the dark and approximately two-thirds (63.2 percent) of rapes/sexual assaults and 71.7 percent of motor vehicle thefts occur at night. Night vision CCTV surveillance cameras can protect your company, your home and your property in even the darkest of conditions. There are three types of night vision cameras to choose from – infrared, low light and thermal. Our thermal cameras and handheld devices can also be used to identify industrial problems and fever infections.

Infrared Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cctv - Infrared CameraInfrared night vision cameras (sometime know as IR cameras) have sensors that can detect the faintest amount of reflected light in the infrared spectrum. They use these sensors to produce a black and white image, as you can see above. Most camera manufacturers offer infrared cameras within their range and they include Hikvision (below left) and Avigilon (below right).

night vision







Low Light Night Vision Cameras

night vision CCTV - low lightLow light CCTV cameras can magnify the limited light available in semi-dark conditions and use it to produce a colour image. At IntelliSEC our most popular low light CCTV cameras are the Hikvision Darkfighter series (below left and extreme right) and the Bosch Starlight series (below right).

Hikvision darkfighter



Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras are the only type of CCTV cameras that can operate in complete darkness. They are most commonly used for perimeter security in business part and residential estates, usually equipped with analytical features eg line crossing and intruder detection. They are also used in remote, isolated areas such as on mining sites and farms. The leading thermal camera manufacturers are Axis, Avigilon, Hikvision and Dahua.

avigilon thermal

Hikvision thermal


Handheld Thermal Cameras

Handheld thermal cameras (also know as handheld thermal imagers) are used to detect problems in machinery and wiring and fever infections. The type of problems they are most commonly used to detect includes:

  • Over heating wiring caused by too much current
  • Old electrical components on the verge of failure
  • Worn and misaligned components eg bearings, wheels and other moving parts
  • Fevers caused by the corona viruses and other infections.

These devices have a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees C and their portable nature also means that they can be used in remote and hard to reach locations.

thermal imager


Thermal Vision Monocular 


For a low cost night vision solution we recommend a Thermal Vision Monocular. Simply hold it up to your eye and you can see objects in low light. Recommended for home security or for patrolling night security guards.

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