Industrial Management

A specialist range of products designed for use in factories, mining, distribution centres and other industrial locations. We can support you no matter where you are in South Africa, as we have branches in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Richards Bay, Port Elizabeth and Kimberley.

Production Monitoring Systems

production management







We have a wide range of production monitoring systems to suit your particular requirements. These include but are not limited to:

  • Machinery / conveyor belt monitoring – Unexpected machinery breakdowns can be extremely costly in terms of lost production and additional labour costs. We have thermal cameras that can identify over heating machinery, over heating wiring and parts on the verge of breakdown. This allows you sufficient time to schedule maintenance and prevent delays.
  • Zone monitoring – Most health and safety problems occur when people enter unauthorised zones or objects are left in the wrong location.  Our specialist CCTV analytical cameras can constantly monitor your site and issue alerts to unauthorised personnel, fallen objects or objects that have been left behind.
  • Vehicle monitoring – Forklift trucks, cherry pickers and other material handling equipment can cause accidents if miss-used. We have specialist CCTV cameras with applications that allow them to detect if your vehicles are traveling too fast, going in the wrong direction or in the wrong part of your site.
  • Employee monitoring – Some employees have a bad habit of wandering off in the middle of their shift or taking too long on breaks. Our cameras can advise you when this happens and enable you to take corrective action.

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Helpy Oops

help oops 


Provide remote support, help resolve problems and save lives with the Helpy Oops. This portable device is ideal for use on industrial sites, in remote locations and for protecting vulnerable people. Download our flyer to learn more.

How It Works

Helpy Oops is the latest development in PPE (personal protection equipment). This rugged, portable device can receive phone calls and has a button that allows the user to phone a pre-determined number and talk handsfree. In the case of an emergency, the user can press a panic button that will phone up to 12 numbers and send an alert with their precise location. Finally, the device will also automatically send an alert if the user has a fall or leaves a predefined geographical location. Download our flyer to learn more

Key Benefits

  1.  GPS trackingThe Helpy Oops has an integrated GPS receiver that allows it to be located at any time. Simply SMS the device and it will automatically send an SMS back with a link to Google Maps showing its precise location
  2.  Panic ButtonIn an emergency the user can press a panic button which will cause it to call up to 12 pre-saved numbers and send an alert with the precise location of the device
  3.  Two-way communication – The device can receive phone calls and has a call button that allows it call a pre-determined number. It can also operate handsfree.
  4.  Emergency alertsThe Helpy Oops continuously monitors its precise location and automatically sends an SMS alert if it detects a fall or if the user leaves a predefined location
  5. Fully customisable – The device comes with desktop and smartphone software that allows a manager to customise the device to suit their respective needs.

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Pepper Spray Alarm

pepper spray alarm


The pepper spray alarm is a non-lethal crime deterrent system that releases a cloud of highly repulsive and irritating pepper gas which stops the criminal from acting.

Key Benefits

  • Fast acting – Prevents burglary, intrusion and related violent crimes in seconds. Recommended for retail stores, gambling outlets and storage facilities
  • Flexible – Can be integrated with your existing alarm system to activate in the event of a break-in. Alternatively, it also comes with a panic button, allowing for immediate activation.
  • Stand Alone – Can operate independently and in remote locations. Ideal for stopping vandalism, the theft of cables and for combating livestock theft and animal predators in agribusinesses
  • Cost effective – Saves money by reducing the number of guards in your employment

This video below shows how the Pepper Spray Alarm can be used to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering a restricted zone in a factory.

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