At Intellisec we install and integrate a comprehensive range of CCTV cameras and related surveillance system products from Hikvision, who have awarded us Platinum Partner status which affords us a high degree of preferential service and technical support.

Founded in just 2001, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd or simply Hikvision, is a Chinese manufacturer who in 2010, just nine years later, became the world’s biggest video surveillance manufacturer (based on global sales) and has remained the biggest ever since.

Their CCTV cameras and related products consist of:

  • Network IP cameras – Four comprehensive ranges of bullet, dome and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) network IP cameras in a variety of megapixels. The top two ranges (4-line and 6-line) also have additional features which include:
    • Smart Feature-set – Available with the 4-line range, these features include P-Iris (enables depth of vision focus), Defog (allows the camera to see through fog or smoke) and EIS (prevents blurred images that are caused by wind shaking the camera)
    • Behaviour analytics – Available with the 6-line range, these features enable the camera to intelligently identify problems such as line crossing, object removal and unattended baggage
  • WDR (Wide dynamic range) cameras – specialist cameras that have been designed to provide clear, high definition images in challenging lighting conditions. This range consists of:
    • DarkFighter – The Darkfighter is a low light night vision camera which can magnify the limited light available in semi-dark conditions and use it to produce a colour image
    • LightFighter – The Lightfighter can balance contrasting and conflicting light sources eg day light and artificial light, and can also compensate for shadows and sun spots, which enables it to provide a consistently clear picture
  • Thermal cameras – Available in a variety of housing, thermal cameras operate by detecting heat signatures and are the only type of CCTV cameras that can operate in complete darkness. They are primarily used to monitor industrial machinery for potential problems and in remote locations such as the perimeter of residential estates, on mining sites and on farms.

At Intellisec we are proud to recommend Hikvision cameras as they are quick and easy to install and can resolve many of clients most challenging surveillance problems.

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