Estate Security

Protect your residential estate or business park from criminals and unwanted intruders by investing in an effective estate security system. We recommend the following perimeter security systems for all our property development and property management clients as they have been proven effective at preventing burglary, carjacking’s and violent invasions. We can support you no matter where you are in South Africa. We have branches in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit and Richards Bay.

Visitor Management

estate security

Track and monitor all visitors to your business park or residential estate with a visitor management system.

How It Works

Simply scan the drivers ID and the car licence disc using the hand held scanner Once done all of the driver and car’s details are inputted into the system and their precise arrival and departure date and times are recorded. There is no need to worry about losing data if a scanner goes missing as all data is instantly saved to the cloud for quick, convenient access. For a more secure option the system can be setup so that only pre-approved visitors are permitted to enter.

Key Benefits

  • Fast and Easy – Visitors quickly processed with no form filling or delays
  • Accurate Data – Scanner ensures all visitor data and the entry and exit time is recorded accurately
  • Secure Storage – Cloud storage removes worry of lost data and can be accessed anywhere at any time
  • Instant Alerts – Guards instantly notified of banned vehicles or individuals attempting to enter
  • Customisable – More than 40 workflow elements to choose from to match your requirements
  • Durable Scanning Device – Shock proof, water proof, long battery and IP68 rated
  • Low Cost Device – No setup or installation costs and available with 60-day money back warranty



SNIPR is a web-based software application (SaaS) which uses an ANPR/LPR CCTV camera to identify suspect vehicles. It works by using the camera to automatically scan the licence plates of all vehicles. The license number is then checked against criminal databases and other databases of vehicles that have been reported stolen, missing, involved in crime or are known to belong to criminals. The whole process takes seconds to complete and staff are immediately alerted (see image below) if any suspicious vehicle is detected, giving them sufficient time to decide the best course of action.


Key Benefits

  • Proactive – Alerts you to criminals and suspicious vehicles before they commit a crime
  • Fast – The SNIPR system instantly alerts your security personnel allowing them to stop the vehicle before it enters your property
  • Comprehensive – SNIPR is constantly being update in real time from thousands of public and private sources across South Africa. No matter where criminals operate from, the system will be vigilant against them.
  • Cost effective – SNIPR is available for a low-cost monthly fee, allowing you to save money by reducing the number of guards in your employment.

Electric Fence

estate security

An electric fence can be a very effective part of your estate security system and add significant value to your property, provided that it has been installed correctly. A poor electric fence can easily be disabled, scaled or even cut and will thus provide little protection against experienced criminals. We can offer you a customised solution to meet your specific requirements. These include:

  • Wire options – The thicker the electric wire, the more difficult it is to criminals to cut or break it. We offer 6 strand (recommended for private homes), 8 strand (recommended for residential estates and business parks) and 12 strand (recommend for high secure locations like prisons and government installations)
  • Bracket options – The top of the fence can play a big part in deterring and stopping criminals and can be finished according to your preference. The options available are straight, angled or both (see image above right).
  • CCTV add on – For a more secure solutions we recommend supporting your fencing with Night Vision CCTV –  infrared, low light or thermal. This will further deter criminals and allow you to identify any visitors – day or night.

Legal Compliance

Please be aware that South Africa law dictates that an electric fence must be installed by a registered installer, it must have warning signs, and the output must fall within an acceptable range. We at IntelliSEC are registered with the Department of Labour in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and therefore been approved to issue Certificate of Compliance (COC) certificates for electric fences.


Betafence /ClearVu & Econo Vu Fencing

clearVu fencing
econo view fencing

Betafence (also known as ClearVu – above left) and Econo Vu (above right) are types of high security perimeter fencing comprised of a series of galvanized steel mesh panels. This type of fencing, also known 358 mesh fencing, is highly recommended for a residential estate or business park for a number of reasons.

Key Benefits

  • CCTV optimised – The fencing has been designed to allow visibility through the mesh from both perpendicular and angled directions. This enables CCTV security cameras to operate unimpeded
  • Anti-Unravel – Each wire in the mesh panels has individually welded to provide extra durability. This means that unlike chain link fencing, the fence won’t unravel or lose stability if its cut
  • Anti-Climb/Anti-Cut – For greater security we recommend Betafence fencing. The gap between each wire (known as the aperture) is just 9mm. This is too narrow for fingers to enter, preventing the fence from being climbed. It’s also too narrow for bolt cutters and other conventional hand tools, preventing the fence from being cut.

Wireless Perimeter Intruder Detection

intruder detection

The wireless perimeter intruder detection system is a low cost, effective way to monitor your wire fence. The monitors are installed onto the fence every 50m and linked together by wireless bridge. If any attempt is made to cut, spread or tamper with the fence in anyway, the system immediately issues an alert indicating precisely where along the fence line the attempt has been made.

  • Flexible – Can be installed on all type of wire fences eg electrical, Betafence/ClearVu, barbed wire, chain link and mesh.
  • Saves time – The system sends the precise location of the attempted breach, saving you time when responding.
  • Multiple Alerts – The system can send the alert via SMS, Cloud service, Sigfox network, Local Controller and Long RF range (600m line of sight).

Gate Motor

gate motor

A gate motor provides a simple but effective way to prevent hijackings and car thefts when entering or exiting your estate. We can install and support gate motors for sliding and swing gates, garage doors and pedestrian gates. Whether you are looking to install a brand-new motor or simply looking to repair your existing motor, we have a variety of types and manufacturers to choose from which include Centurion, Dace, ET Systems and Sprint.


Intercom System

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Monitor all visitors to your estate or business park from a safe distance with one of our range of intercom systems. From entry level devices with one-to-one communication to more advanced door stations with built in CCTV and access control functionality. We supply and install intercom systems from the world’s leading manufacturers which include Paxton, Hikvision, Centurion, Aiphone and Commax.

Irrespective of the challenges you face, we can provide you with an effective estate security system to meet your particular requirements. We can support you no matter where you are in South Africa. We have branches in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit and Richards Bay.