Bosch is a German technology manufacturer that was founded in 1886. Today they make a wide range of premium quality products that range from automotive components to household appliances. At Intellisec we have been supplying their CCTV cameras (particularly their Starlight range), public address and voice evacuation and fire detection systems since we first opened in 1998.


Starlight Camera

Bosch manufacture a wide range of CCTV cameras but excel when it comes to their range of Starlight low light night vision CCTV cameras. The Starlight is universally recognised as the best low light camera on the market. It can provide full colour images in lighting conditions (down to 0.0077 lux). At those levels other cameras can only provide black and white images. At IntelliSEC we have supplied and installed the Starlight all over South Africa. It’s particularly popular with private estates looking for perimeter protection. It is also used by our manufacturing and warehousing clients, looking for an excellent image quality in semi darkness.


Bosch Public Address and Voice Evacuation Systems

At IntelliSEC have found that Bosch’s public address and voice evacuation systems to be very reliable at delivering a consistently crystal clear sound. Their main brands range from the entry level Plena system to the more advanced Praesideo and Paviro. The main benefits of using Bosch PA systems are as follows:

  • Quality components – these include a premium 24-bit digital processor, digital-to-analog converter and a very high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • Easy to install and configure – all components from the microphone to the loudspeaker are manufactured and delivered in a way that makes them very easy to install, configure and re-configure – saving both time and money.
  • Easy to use – the PA and voice evacuation system have a very intuitive design. This enables users to quickly learn the system
  • More efficient components – the new PAVIRO system uses fewer, more efficient amplifiers compared to other systems. This means its cheaper than comparable system.

We offer a variety of systems suitable for all types of uses from factories and office buildings to shopping centres and outdoor complexes.

Fire detection

Fire detection

Bosch Fire Detection Systems

Bosch offers both conventional and addressable fire detection systems. They offer everything required for a complete solution from smoke detectors to control panels. Their Avenar range includes optical, thermal and chemical detectors. Can be used to identify smoke, temperature increases and combustion gases.

Bosch’s CCTV, PA and Voice Evacuation and Fire Detection systems can be integrated together and controlled from a central location using a control console. We can supply all of these all over South Africa, as we have branches in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Richards Bay.

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