We at IntelliSEC are proud of our association with Avigilon, who have awarded us Direct Partner status. This in recognition of the expertise that we continue to demonstrate in understanding their systems and how they can be utilised to their fullest capacity. As a Direct Partner we also receive specialist training as well as preferential pre-sales and after-sales support. It enables us to offer our clients a better service all round.

Avigilon Products

Founded in 2004, Avigilon is a Canadian manufacturer of premium hardware and software products that fully integrate to provide an end-to-end video surveillance solution. These products include:

  • A comprehensive range of high-definition network IP megapixel CCTV cameras which includes bullet, dome and PTZ cameras. Avigilon cameras provide exceptional image quality which enables them to cover vast areas in high detail and thus reduces the number of cameras required.
  • Thermal cameras Available in a variety of housing, thermal cameras operate by detecting heat signatures and are the only type of CCTV cameras that can operate in complete darkness. They are primarily used to monitor industrial machinery for potential problems and in remote locations such as the perimeter of residential estates, on mining sites and on farms.
  • Cutting edge Video Management Software packages with pattern-based analytical algorithms which includes
    • Avigilon Control Centre (ACC)™ – can quickly analyse hours of surveillance footage and identify scene changes or missing objects
    • Avigilon Appearance Search™ – enables users to quickly locate a specific person of interest across an entire site
    • Rialto™ –  an open source self learning video analytics package that can integrate with any third party analog or IP camera
  • High-Definition Stream Management™ (HDSM) –  integrates your camera and your software packages with your server. This reduce your bandwidth and processing requirements. It also ensures you receive uninterrupted high resolution footage, irrespective of the number of cameras on your network.

Avigilon Reliability

Avigilon cameras have consistently proven to be one of the most dependable in providing actionable high definition imagery over an extended period of time. Not only are they manufactured to the highest of standards but their junction boxes and housings/brackets are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the cameras and extend the service life. This enables Avigilon to offer a 3 year warranty (1 year on lenses and accessories) as standard.

At IntelliSEC we have installed Avigilon systems at high value and demanding locations across South and Southern Africa that vary from car factories to petrochemical facilities and have no hesitation in recommending them. We can support you no matter where you are in South Africa. We have branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Richards Bay.

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