ANPR Camera

Improve security at your estate or business park with an ANPR camera (automatic number plate recognition). The camera, also known as an LPR camera (license plate recognition) automatically scans the number plate of all vehicles that attempt to enter. If it recognises the vehicle it will automatically raise the boom gates and allow entry.

Key Benefits

  • Saves time – The ANPR camera can scan the number plate, authorise it and raise the boom faster than a guard. This saves precious time and allows for the faster processing of vehicles
  • Saves money –  Eliminates or reduces the number of security guards required
  • Improves security – Only authorises approved vehicles which stops the sharing of remotes among residents and employees.

license plate recognition








SNIPR is a security software application which uses an ANPR camera to identify suspect vehicles. It works by using the camera to automatically scan the licence plates of all vehicles. The license number is then checked against criminal databases and other databases of vehicles that have been reported stolen, missing, involved in crime or are known to belong to criminals. The whole process takes seconds to complete and staff are immediately alerted (see image below) if any suspicious vehicle is detected, giving them sufficient time to decide the best course of action. Download our flyer to learn more

Key Benefits

  • Proactive – Alerts you to criminals and suspicious vehicles before they commit a crime
  • Fast – The SNIPR system instantly alerts your security personnel allowing them to stop the vehicle before it enters your property
  • Comprehensive – SNIPR is constantly being update in real time from thousands of public and private sources across South Africa. No matter where criminals operate from, the system will be vigilant against them.

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