Vehicle Access

At Intellisec we can provide you a wide variety of vehicle access control systems to enable you to manage the controlled entry and exit of all visitors into your estate or on to your site. These systems include:

  • Boom gates – can be controlled locally using a RFID tag or key fob, centrally from a control console or automatically using a key card or an in car tag controlled via a long range reader (see image bottom left)
  • License plate recognition (LPR) – your CCTV system can be integrated with your access control database to recognise the license plate of permitted vehicle and automatically raise your boom gates. We can also add SNIPR which checks the license plates against the SAPS and other databases of vehicles that are stolen, missing, involved in crime or known to belong to criminals.
  • Gatebook visitor management system – monitors the precise arrival time and departure of all vistors, how often they have visited your company and when. Works by simply scanning the drivers licence and car licence using the scanner (see image bottom right) and all data is stored safely to the cloud.

vehicle access



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