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Wireless Sensors

Remotely monitor your company’s various processes and operations with this range of 48 specialist wireless sensor. The sensors available includes being able to monitor temperature changes (in both locations and within machinery), electricity (different voltage and current), water, humidity, pressure, light, motion and carbon monoxide gas levels, if a door is open or closed and the degree of tilt. Can be used individually or in tandem and are easy to install and monitor, simply:

  • Plug in a wireless gateway
  • Attach the sensor to the machines or areas you want to monitor
  • Receive alerts and updates on your computer or smartphone


Can add significant benefits to many industries particularity the manufacturing, medical storage, food processing, IT and logistics.











Pepper Spray Alarm

The pepper spray alarm is a non lethal crime deterrent system that releases a cloud of highly repulsive and irritating pepper gas which stops the criminal from acting. It is most commonly used for:

  • Preventing burglary, intrusion and related violent crimes in retail stores, gambling outlets and storage facilities
  • Stopping vandalism and petty crime in remote locations. It is highly effective at stopping the theft of cables and the destruction of street furniture
  • Combating livestock theft and animal predators in agribusinesses

In the video below the Pepper Spray Alarm is highly effective at preventing unauthorised personnel from entering a restricted zone in a factory.

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