Public Address and Voice Evacuation System

A Public Address (PA) and Voice Evacuation system is an invaluable tool to both large and small organisations as it greatly improve communication with your staff, customers and members of the public, saves time and improves efficiencies – all of which leads to increased profitability. A PA system can also be integrated with your CCTV system which can enable you to directly communicate with intruders and unexpected visitors outside normal working hours.

public address

public address

In times of emergency the system can provide a significant advantage in ensuring the health and safety of your employees and members of the public. The system can also be used to broadcast a prerecorded warning message when triggered by a signal from a fire detection system or any other linked security device.

At Intellisec we can provide both standalone and fully integrated Public Address (PA) & Voice Evacuation systems from the world’s leading manufacturers like Bosch and TOA. All our systems have been approved for use in all government organisations throughout South Africa and in commercial buildings including hospitals, retail stores and airports. We can also supply various add ons to meet our customers’ compliance requirements and this includes assisting those whose hearing is impaired to communicate more effectively through the installation of induction loop amplifiers.

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