Night Vision CCTV

Criminals love the dark and approximately two-thirds (63.2 percent) of rapes/sexual assaults and 71.7 percent of motor vehicle thefts occur at night. Night vision CCTV surveillance cameras can protect your company, your home and your property in even the darkest of conditions. There are three types of night vision CCTV cameras to choose from – infrared, low light and thermal.

Infrared CCTV Cameras

Night vision - Infrared Camera






Infrared CCTV cameras (sometime know as IR cameras) have sensors that can detect the faintest amount of reflected light in the infrared spectrum and can use it to produce a black and white image, as you can see above. Most camera manufacturers offer infrared cameras within their range.

Low Light CCTV






Low light CCTV cameras can magnify the limited light available in semi-dark conditions and use it to produce a colour image. At Intellisec our most popular low light CCTV cameras are the Hikvision Darkfighter (below left) and the Bosch Starlight (below right).

Thermal CCTV Cameras

Thermal cameras operate by detecting heat signatures and are the only type of CCTV cameras that can operate in complete darkness. They are primarily used to monitor industrial machinery for potential problems and in remote locations such as on mining sites and farms. At Intellisec we can provide thermal cameras from most camera manufacturers


Thermal Vision Monocular





For low cost night vision solution we recommend the Thermal Vision Monocular. Simply hold it up to your eye and you can see objects in low light. Recommended for home security or for patrolling night security guards.

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