Residential Security

Protect you family and home from violent home invasions, burglary and carjackings by investing in an effective residential security system. At Intellisec we have a variety of options to choose from, all at a value for money price.

Gate Motor (Installation and Repairs)

residential security - gate motor






A gate motor provides a simple but effective way to prevent hijackings and car thefts when entering or exiting your home. We can install and support gate motors for sliding and swing gates, garage doors and pedestrian gates. Whether you are looking to install a brand new motor or simply looking to repair your existing motor, we have a variety of types and manufacturers to choose from which include Centurion, Dace, ET Systems and Sprint. Contact us for a FREE no obligation quote

Intercom System

residential security - Intercom system






Monitor all visitors from a safe distance with one of our range of intercom systems. Irrespective of your budget or particular requirements we have the right system to meet your needs.Contact us for a FREE no obligation quote

Electric Fence

residential security - electric fence






An electric fence can be a very effective part of your residential security system and add significant value to your property, but only if it has been installed properly by a certified installer, like Intellisec. To be properly effective the fence must meet the following criteria:

  • It needs to fully secure the intended area and leave no gaps
  • The fence must not come into contact with any obstruction such as vegetation
  • There needs to be clear warning signs to protect the home owner from liability
  • The voltage should be set at a level that shocks but not kill any intruder

At Intellisec we have installed a wide variety of electric fencing from basic setups to high-tech taut wire fence systems for prisons and government installations.

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All hardware and workmanship is guaranteed and installed to the highest installation standard. From a basis system to an advanced electric fencing and heavy duty industrial gate solution, we have what it takes to keep unwanted elements on the right side of the fence.