Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control devices allows for increased control and restriction of access through physical features such as fingerprints, veins, voice, hand geometry, iris and retinal patterns, and facial characteristics. While passwords, pins and cards can all be lost or stolen, biometric data is unique to the individual and cannot easily be copied or forged.

¬†With biometric scanning, a user’s biometric data must first be captured and stored in a database for later matching. Thereafter, the system can operate in two ways: identification (which matches the scanned image to a stored record) or authentication (which requires an additional verification of identity such as a PIN, password, photograph or ID card, in addition to a positive image patch).

Our Biometric Access Control systems have been tested, refined and proven over many years of use at the most sensitive of organisations. Intellisec installs biometric devices on a number of access control systems such as ZKTeco, Morpho, Impro, Softcon, Ideco and CDVI. We have systems that can be tailored to suit the application and budget of any company – from small, owner-managed concerns to national, multi-site organisations. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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