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Intellisec is a specialist South African turnkey supplier of intelligent site management systems that varies from CCTV, access control and Intellisec - Denzil Steyntime & attendance systems to fire detection, public address and electric fencing. We can provide you with a customised site management solution that takes into account your specific requirements, operational environment and negates the risk factors associated with your business. We will not only address your specific needs but can also help you operate your business more effectively and efficiently. For example, we can help retail businesses significantly reduce their shrinkage and deter robberies; we can help manufacturing and logistics companies prevent accidents and reduce operational problems and we can also help educational organisations significantly reduce bullying, vandalism and other anti-social behaviour. If you would like to know more, contact us and we will show you what we can do for you.

Nationwide Supplier

Founded in 1998, Intellisec has grown to establish a national South African footprint with South Africabranches throughout the country in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Richards Bay. This means that even on the biggest most demanding projects we can provide a one stop solution. There is simply no other company operating in South Africa that can do everything that we can do and we have become the trusted national service provider to leading corporations and public sector organisations throughout the country.

In-House Technicians

All our systems are installed and maintained by our in-house certified technicians and we can also integrate our various systems on to one seamless platform which can be controlled from an ergonomically designed control console with a graphic user interface. System installations can vary from a few hours to several weeks and it’s all determined by the scale of the project. Before we begin an installation, we inform our clients exactly how long it will take and we have established procedures in place to ensure that the systems are installed to schedule and to the highest of standards. These procedures include arranging with the client a precise time they would like our technicians to arrive, providing the client with their own dedicated team who will work exclusively on their job until its completely finished and lastly sending the client pictures of the people who will be working on the job and the vehicles they will be driving.

Fully Guaranteed

All our systems come with the Intellisec standard 12-month guarantee and in most cases, the equipment manufacturers supply an additional guarantee of a few years. We are able to offer these guarantees as our systems are installed and maintained by our own in-house technicians, who have received specialist training and certification by the manufacturers of the site management systems they install. All installations are tested and Intellisec - Avigilonmeasured against our internally developed installation standard and only once they have passed the most stringent of standards will they be signed off by one our Intellisec project managers. Finally, each system we install is serviced regularly by our technicians to ensure optimal performance for the life of the system and to ensure that we continue delivering above industry standard “up times” on all our sites.

Public & Private Sector Clients

Intellisec has been in business for over 18 years and in that time, we have acquired clients all over South Africa, in all the major industries and in both the public and private sector. This includes the motor industry, manufacturing, mining, logistics, retail, medical, property management, food and drink, consumer goods, professional services, NGO’s and governmental bodies, on both a national and provincial level. Through working within these industries, we have built up a broad understanding of the most commonly occurring problems are clients experience and this enables us to make recommendations to other clients within the same industries.


Financial Options

Our standard payment terms is 30 days and we are also able to offer our systems on a rental basis. We offer 24, 36, 48 and 60-month contract and with 0, 10 and 15% escalation, depending on the particular system. This scheme is available through our partnership with Mercantile Bank and has proven to very popular with many clients. It is also classified by SARS as an operational expenditure (OpEx), so its fully tax deductible and it enables our clients to invest in their business without having to use any of their capital expenditure (CapEx) budget. If you would like to know more, contact us and one of our other Account Managers will be more than happy to discuss our rental scheme in more detail and answer any questions that you might have.

Fully Accredited

We have been accredited by various trade associations, regulatory authorities and governmental bodies. We are BEE certified with a 58.8% black ownership (based on the Modified Flow Through Principle) and are recognised as being an A level 4 contributor to B-BEE status, in accordance to the Codes of Good Practice on Black Economic Empowerment and in terms of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act of South Africa. We are also registered with the PSIRA, the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority and this means we are recognized as an authorised security industry service provider and that we operate in full compliance with the Private Security Industry Regulation Act, 2001. Finally, we are also registered with the SAQCC, The South African Qualification & Certification Committee for the Fire Industry as an authorised fire detection equipment provider.

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